We have exciting news this ‘World Environment Day’,! Galia Lahav, leader in luxury bridal fashion, just launched a new initiative, – RE-GALIA, with the purpose of creating an eco-conscious  awareness when brides are looking for their wedding dress by offering a place where they can buy Galia Lahav pre-owned gowns.

RE-GALIA is an innovative platform that signifies Galia Lahav‘s commitment to sustainable luxury, offering brides a guilt-free and environmentally conscious approach to finding their dream wedding gown and being part of the RE:GALIA revolution by either selling or buying their Galia Lahav gown on the platform and thus giving it a second life & new memories!
Re Galia a Market Place for Galia Lahav gown
RE:GALIA serves as a trailblazer in the bridal industry, revolutionizing the market with its sustainability-driven approach, granting brides-to-be access to luxury designs at a more accessible price point, championing the principles of the slow-fashion movement. With no brand competitors, RE:GALIA stands out as the first-of-its-kind marketplace in bridal fashion, uniting luxury and sustainability seamlessly. This groundbreaking initiative transforms the bridal resale landscape, empowering brides to create new memories with gowns that carry their own unique stories while contributing to a circular fashion cycle.
Galia Lahav collaborates with Treet to offer a secure marketplace on RE:GALIA, with Treet overseeing authentication, logistics, payments, and site functionality.
Beyond being a marketplace, RE:GALIA fosters a community where luxury meets sustainability. It establishes connections between buyers and Galia Lahav brides turned sellers, creating a dynamic space for shared experiences. RE:GALIA assures a commitment to quality and service, guaranteeing the authenticity of each and every gown. This ensures a seamless and reliable and secure experience for both buyers and sellers.
ReGalia buy preowned Galia Lahav dresses
RE:GALIA’s unique proposition lies not only in its role as a marketplace but as a storytelling platform where each gown carries its own narrative. From the initial creation by Galia Lahav’s skilled artisans to being cherished by a bride, and now finding a new home through RE:GALIA, these gowns become a living testament to the enduring beauty of high-quality bridal fashion. As the industry evolves, Galia Lahav’s RE:GALIA paves the way for a future where luxury meets sustainability, and every bride becomes a steward of positive change.
“We are excited to introduce RE:GALIA as a pioneering step towards sustainable luxury in the bridal industry. This platform goes beyond being a marketplace; it’s a community where every gown tells a story, and brides contribute to a circular fashion cycle,” – Galia Lahav.
RE:GALIA adopts the brand’s zero-waste policy, emphasizing made-to-measure & fully custom-made gowns, aligning with the evolving standards of the fashion industry.
Osnat and Galia Lahav portrait
Osnat and Galia Lahav
“RE:GALIA is our bold step towards reshaping the bridal industry, offering brides a sustainable & stylish alternative. With this platform, we’re not just selling dresses; we’re revolutionizing the way brides shop and contribute to a more eco-conscious future.” – Idan Lahav, CEO

“At Galia Lahav, we’re proud to launch RE:GALIA, a pioneering initiative that redefines the bridal resale market. With this platform, we’re empowering brides to participate in a circular fashion economy, while ensuring the authenticity and quality of every dress.”
– Osnat Lahav, CEO


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