Blue Paradise ~ Our Spring/Summer Dream

Vancouver filmmakers VanWeddings are showing part one of a two part feature film about the making of Blue Paradise, the latest edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine for Spring/Summer 2013. A very special thank you goes out to all involved in the production of ‘Blue Paradise’ including Kendall from Richards Models, Suzanne Le Stage, Blush Bridal, Birks jewellery, Yasushi Arakawa for an amazing job on the nails, Vanessa Ramsay of Lavish Floral and Gifts and Phillip and Rene from Living Design Décor for producing an awesome surfer’s dream set, filmed on location in White Rock, British Columbia.

VanWeddings Cinematography was honoured to be selected by Perfect Wedding Magazine as the exclusive cinematographer for day one of the 2013 Spring Summer fashion shoot.

Two different sets were constructed to showcase the interconnected themes. Please allow us to introduce the first theme, Blue Paradise, with aqua ornaments surrounding the center piece, a surfboard tabletop laden with marine decorations. Contrasting this emerald tone was our model Kendall dressed in a fiery red wedding dress. It’s not a traditional wedding setup, which is why we enjoyed shooting it so much.

See part 2 here

Gordon Cooper

Editor-in-Chief/Art Director for Perfect Wedding Magazine. A fearless and intuitive Director/Producer/Production Manager who loves to travel - without being a tourist!

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