Marketing with Perfect Wedding Magazine

This video is from one of my favorite multi-day international sessions for the magazine. This content, created with the help of John and Matt at Capture the Moment Media, is a good example of what can be done with the right crew (love them all!) and the right direction.

– Gordon Cooper Producer/Director and Editor-in-Chief

A recent restructuring of the business behind Perfect Wedding Magazine is now offering exceptional marketing options for your business, service or brand, to reach the interest of your targeted clients. Clickable Button Ads start at $50 per month without any limit on clicks. Sponsored Blog Posts start at $225 and this one-time purchase gets you a permanent display blog post with links back to your business.

This ‘smart-ad’ strategy is designed to drive new customers to your door…or website, for a minimal investment.

The company behind Perfect Wedding Magazine offers full production, from graphic design to movie production, and everything in between!

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