Dior Homme is a new fragrance, the eau de toilette, reinterpreted by François Demachy, Dior perfumer-creator, as well asa new man, embodied by the fascinating Robert Pattinson, filmed in powerful images.

More mesmerizing than ever, the British star who has embodied this iconic perfume since 2013, continues to take us by surprise. with each film, we can gage the strength of his appeal, the extent of his aura and the rich palette of his acting skills.

Now he is appearing as you have never seen him before… filmed by french duo the blaze, he is fascinatingly and confidently seductive, with a blend of sex-appeal and strength, tenderness, humour and charm too.

Like a man possessed, he gives himself up to a hypnotic dance, where he radiates an animal virility. In iconic images of New York shot with great intensity, he resuscitates the urban heroes of legendary American films. Brando, Dean Et Al. are all present in his suggestive eyes, confident moves and swaggering gait.

In his deep voice, icon Leonard Cohen sings “I’m your man,” a declaration of total love by a new man, who is powerfully seductive and tenderly sensual.

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