Dior Maison introduces the new Lily of the Valley collection in time to celebrate the French tradition, Muguet.

Dior Maison table setting with Lily of the Valley tableware collection

“Having inherited my mother’s passion for flowers, I was happiest in the company of plants and gardeners,” Christian Dior confided in his memoirs. Adorned with drawings of lilies of the valley and shamrocks – the couturier’s lucky charms – the New Lily of the Valley tableware line is enriched with wickerwork designs, such as placemats, baskets, frames and boxes, as well as porcelain plates and decorative glass objects.

Dior Maison Lilly of the Valley tablesetting

Dior Maison Lilly of the Valley tableware designed by Cordelia de Castellane


Continuing this springtime journey, Dior Maison also unveils, for the first time, a gardening collection entitled Lucky Milly. Designed by Cordelia de Castellane, this series of exclusive creations draws inspiration from nature in tribute to Monsieur Dior’s love of flowers, a passion he developed from childhood, evoking tender moments at his mother’s side in the rose garden in Granville, Normandy. Echoing these bucolic memories, shamrocks gracefully appear on an apron, a watering can, gloves, tools, and pots. Punctuated with a handwritten “Christian Dior” signature, these accessories come in lush shades of vibrant green, white, and ochre, an elegant nod to botanical references.

Dior Maison Garden line Lucky Milly

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