The 2021 Guggenheim International Gala, made possible by  Dior, was held at the iconic upper east side museum.

Guggenheim Gala 2021 by Dior

The exceptional evening honoured chair emeritus of the board of trustees William l. Mack and his wife Phyllis along with artists displayed in the Guggenheim’s current and upcoming exhibitions – Jennie C. Jones, Cecilia Vicuña, Gillian Wearing and Wtel Adnan*. The charity dinner offered most memorable moments, featuring a special performance by grammy award winner Lorde that will took place in the museum’s rotunda.

The striking design of the event in pop vibrant colours is a source of inspiration it self for your wedding reception.

*the outstanding work and life of author and painter will be saluted after the sad news of her recent passing.

Dior's annual Guggenheim Galla 2021

Guggenheim Gala 2021 by Dior reception design

Photo credits Pavel Vendov/Arch Explorer & Tiffany Nicholson for Dior

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