Belles de Lune is La Métamorphose Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2020-21 which includes a bridal capsule.

The new collection explores the hidden and mysterious nature of women and is inspired by the « Balsamic moon »; this suspended moment in the moon cycle which corresponds to the « Dreamtime ». It is synonymous with the Origin of the World in the culture of the Australian aborigines.

The « Balsamic Moon » is the moon of the prophets and prophetesses, and has the power to stimulate the imagination. This moon reveals a particular vision of the cycle to come. This visionary phase requires the opening of the mind channels and its limits, to allow a new creation to emerge. This phase is asking us to surrender to the power of the universe whose dream springs from the dark, through sketches, and canvasses, defining the outlines of new possibilities. All of the fabrics are “Made in France”, and part of the collection has been produced in French ateliers.

La Metamorphose Haute Couture Bridal Capsule in Perfect Wedding Magazine

La Metamorphose Couture Bridal capsule Fall Winter 2020-21 featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine

La Metamorphose Haute Couture Fall Winter 2020-21 bridal capsule presented during Haute Couture online

La Metamorphose Haute Couture Fall Winter 2020-21 Bridal Capsule

La Metamorphose Haute Couture Fall Winter 2020-21 bridal Capsule photographed in Paris


Photography Greg Alexander

Art direction Sébastien Vienne

Hair and Make-up Carine Larchet for LaRoche Posay & Eugène Perma

Assisted by Charlotte Le Balch

Models Angeline & Kellia & Lucie @ Ava Models London

Production assistant Romane Sorin

Special thanks to Château Royal d’Amboise

© Méphistophélès Productions

Gordon Cooper

Editor-in-Chief/Art Director for Perfect Wedding Magazine. A fearless and intuitive Director/Producer/Production Manager who loves to travel - without being a tourist!

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