Meet Manuel Mota, Creative Director for PRONOVIAS

Manuel Mota Interview
Last Season, editors of Perfect Wedding Magazine crossed the Atlantic Ocean to meet exclusively with one, if not the best, Bridal gown designer in the world – MANUEL MOTA, Creative Director for the leading bridal brand PRONOVIAS. Their professional communications team escorted us deep into the heart of their global corporate headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. What a wonderful experience being around the PRONOVIAS production department where the most talented seamstresses dedicate their talents to painstakingly sew every detail of each PRONOVIAS gown. This place is spectacular! You can admire the different fabrics and patterns carefully organized on textile racks where each PRONOVIAS gown comes to life. Every lady working in this splendorous, bright and ostentatious level of the design centre are all quietly focused on each garment, adding beauty to every stitch. Our imagination in this fantasy-focused workplace ultimately leads us to a vision of Cinderella having her dress designed by her fairy godmother. It’s impossible to keep that vision out of our thoughts! We’re looking to see if there are blue birds with ribbon and lace in their beaks flying around the gowns, with our thoughts of grandeur. Our journey climaxed in an area where all the creative magic flies through the air!

Claudia Torres and Manuel Mota at the Pronovias factory in Barcelona Spain


Claudia Torres, Beauty and Fashion Editor
for Perfect Wedding Magazine,
with Manuel Mota at his studio in Barcelona.













The studio where MANUEL MOTA works with his fabulous team creating every collection each season is where we finally get to meet this fantastically charming and incredibly talented man. He personally greets us with a charismatic smile and with sincerity as if we have been best friends forever! Would you have ever thought that such a talented designer would be completely absent of ego? Sketches of possible new designs are neatly organized, some pinned on the dresses, in this design think-tank waiting their turn for Manuel Mota’s review and final approval. There’s a lot of work behind the creation of such beautiful gowns. Manuel Mota makes it seem effortless!Perfect Wedding Magazine is available nationwide. Get you copy before it is sold-out!

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