Alberta Ferreti Forever Bridal Collection

With the occasion of the Haute Couture shows in Paris, Alberta Ferretti presents her fourth bridal collection, Alberta Ferretti Forever.

Twelve exits for twelve dresses that evoke the fascination of timeless palaces: Alhambra, Balmoral, Buckingham, Hermitage, Kensington, Rivoli, Schenbrunn, Stirling, Topkapi, Venaria, Versailles, and Windsor.

Creations of Haute Couture, precious and never the same to one another, decorated through meticulous labor of the highest sartorial that unravel unique details like the lightweight plaids, the ethereal ruffles and jeweled embroidery in the chiffon, organza, lace and taffeta that represent the essence of elegance and delicacy of the designer.

The triumph of white in its different tones correlates by silhouette in a light over position of the delicate transparencies, untouchable veil, refined by lace and flowers of iridescent pearl and Swarovski crystals.

Alberta Ferreti Forever Bridal Collection

It is Tali Lennox with her sweet and sophisticated beauty that interprets with an aristocratic background, the gowns of the new collection Forever 2014, captured by the lens of Fabio Lovino.

To work on the Bridal collection is an emotion that renews itself every time. This year, I wanted to create dresses that last in between the reality and a dream, as the star of a modern fable that unfolds itself through the richness of the textiles and the sartorial details  says Alberta Ferretti.

I had the pleasure to personally meet Alberta Ferretti and to wear her dresses in several occasions, making me feel romantic and feminine. When I was asked to model the new bridal collection I felt a special emotion and accepted with the certainty that it would be an unforgettable experience  says Tali Lennox.

For this collection as well as the past, Alberta Ferretti offers an exclusive service and fitting that allows the absolute personalization of the wedding gown. A service reserved for a gown that requires a distinctiveness, to satisfy the particular requests of every client. Every client is a different woman, with their personality, their fascination, and their dreams in which Alberta Ferretti grants a unique gown for a unique occasion.

Alberta Ferreti Forever Bridal Collection

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