Justin Alexander Signature presented the Spring 2025 bridal collection during the Si Sposaitalia Collezioni edition.

Making history during Milan Bridal Fashion Week, Justin Alexander Signature partnered with Milan-based graffiti artist Sexsdreams, to unveil a new perspective on the way bridal proves its righteousness of marriage traditions in a reflection of timeless essence of love through the lens of artistry. This collaboration proves to be bold, creative, and modern, and offers a new take on bridal fashion that honours the past while audaciously stepping into the future.

Justin Alexander Show in Si SposaItalia Collezioni in Milan 2025


“This collaboration is great for both the bridal and art community because it is a cultural mix between two things that are so different and something that people have never seen before,” Sexsdreams says. “I’m so happy to be working with Justin Alexander Signature on this incredible experience. I have discovered a new facet of my art and fell in love with these white garments which for me were a canvas to paint my emotions.”For the first time in bridal history, Sexsdreams had blended graffiti art and bridal fashion, turning the traditional wedding dress into a dynamic canvas before our eyes. “It came as a big surprise to the entire audience, and it was great to present all these dresses together with the juxtaposition of this art form and bridal dresses,” Justin Warshaw said, CEO and Creative Director or Justin Alexander Group.

Under the leadership of Justin Warshaw, the new collection  “Verses in Contrast” campaign aims to rejuvenate and reframe the concept of marriage, making it relevant and cool to today’s generation. It’s about bridal fashion that honours marriage traditions while boldly stepping into the future. Justin Alexander Signature is celebrating the harmonious blend of traditional, timeless bridal gowns with modern innovation.


Justin Alexander Signature show in Si SposaItalia Collezioni in Milan


“The bridal industry is considered traditional and conservative –  I have always sought out ways to express my spirit and interests through each of the collections. “Verses in Contrasts” allowed me to dig deeper. As a child I was influenced by Hip Hop culture, and as a New Yorker for 15 years, I was influenced by street culture and the arts,” Justin Warshaw said. “I was captivated by Gioele’s work and loved the idea of collaborating and introducing something out of the box and unexpected.”


Justin Alexander Signature Fashion Show in Milan
Justin Alexander Signature Fashion Show 2024
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