With the highest number of engagements taking place over the holidays and Valentine’s Day – February marks the perfect time to start thinking about planning your wedding -­ and how a bride looks on her wedding day is always the first thing to mind. Jessica Mulroney Lifestyle and Bridal expert is in Vancouver today sharing top tips on how to be picture perfect on your wedding day!

“Your hair, makeup, dress – and how you look in that dress – are all part of becoming the bride you want to be on that special day,” says Jessica. “I always kick off my beauty regimen starting with the hair!”

Jessica Mulroney

Jessica’s ultimate healthy-bride guide:

1) Hair: You should start thinking about your hairstyle at least six months before your wedding to ensure you have gorgeous tresses on the big day. Viviscal supplements are clinically proven to support healthy hair growth and are 100% drug free -­‐ made with natural ingredients. Each tablet contains the exclusive AminoMar C™ marine complex, silica and vitamin C, designed to help supply vital nutrients to nourish hair, resulting in a thicker and fuller-looking appearance to have gorgeous hair on your wedding day!

2) Skin: Make sure to start early with your skin. If you are trying new treatments, you want to avoid having a reaction the week of your wedding, so experimenting about eight months beforehand is a good idea. Oxygen facials are a great option for glowing skin, as well as full body Gommage Exfoliators.

3) Teeth: Seven months in advance should be enough time to work on your teeth, especially if you may need to have any professional procedures done – like braces or whitening. If you’re not excited to go to the dentist (and who is?!), you can do an at home teeth whiting treatment.

4) Exercise: A combination of strength and cardio is always best. Once you know what style of dress you are wearing, you can focus on specific areas the dress highlights, like your back or arms. Checkout online workouts to get some great ideas that you can tackle from the comfort of your own home.

5) Eating Well: It’s important to eat a well-balanced diet leading up to, and on the day of, your wedding to keep your energy levels up. You can also try some great juices; look for ones with skin brightening benefits, such as green drinks. Also, avoid having too much alcohol as it can cause bloating and leave you feeling not-­so-­great the first morning of your honeymoon!

The countdown to your wedding is on and your big day is finally on the calendar, so it’s time to kick start your bridal beauty regimen. Jessica Mulroney recommends to take 6 months Viviscal Maximum Strength and Viviscal Man for best results. Learn more


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