Del Sol Photography ~ The Underwater World

We are often asked by our clients to come up with ideas and we keep trending towards the water to play with our imagination. In our latest project, we have embraced Sol’s childhood fantasies and dreams and have started shooting mermaid sightings staring my lovely Sol as the talent 🙂 .

Swimming in cenotes is always a challenge because its a bit cold, around 62 degrees, I have so much respect for Sol to be able to swim with this mermaid outfit and do it at depths of 5 -8 feet and for some distances. WOW, what a challenge! In the end, we are lucky enough to find water where the visibility is good enough and the setting fits just right so there are mysterious orbs floating around us and rays of light radiating downwards. I think the light beams become an extension to the outside world bridging our fantasy world with the real world.

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