Holiday 2019, Advent Calendar, Dior, Dior fragrances, Holiday Gift Ideas, Luxury fragrances, Christian Dior

The snow falls, the crisp, cool air of Christmas settles in, and homes are bathed in a cozy, warm light… Winter is upon us at Maison Christian Dior, our House dedicated to the love of fragrance.

Holiday 2019, Advent Calendar, Dior, Dior fragrances, Holiday Gift Ideas, Luxury fragrances, Christian Dior


The latest addition to the Maison Christian Dior collection, Spice Blend is distinguished by a powerful, spicy signature that is both fresh and fiery. An invitation to take a sunny trip at the heart of winter.

“Spice Blend has has a warm signature underlined by an unusual crowd of spices that meet and mingle. Spice Blend is like a whirlwind – but whether it stokes the fire or refreshes us is hard to say”, is how Dior Perfumer- Creator François Demachy describes his new creation. Created as an ode to travel, conjuring up tropical seas and palm trees, Spice Blend stems from memories of his childhood in Grasse, the capital of Dior fragrances.

«I remember a bottle in my father’s pharmacy that sparked my curiosity »FRANÇOIS DEMACHY, DIOR PERFUMER-CREATOR

The bottle of Bay-Rhum, for that was its name, caught the young boy’s eye in the backroom of his father’s shop. François Demachy drew this exotic “potion” from his memory. The sensorial landscape of these Tropics – captured in a bottle – was the inspiration for the main lines of his Spice Blend. A fragrance he wished to make noble, warm and spicy, a signature derived from a Rum Absolute with the irresistible sweetness of a rum baba, heightened with the spice of black pepper from Madagascar, the woody quality of the legendary St Thomas bay leaf and the incisive beauty of ginger essence. A masculine elegance, a masculine elegance that is equally exalting on a woman’s skin.


Holiday 2019, Advent Calendar, Dior, Dior fragrances, Holiday Gift Ideas, Luxury fragrances, Christian Dior


To celebrate the magic of the holiday season, Vincent Darré, artist and expert in decorative art, has imagined an Advent calendar of the 30, avenue Montaigne, revisiting the codes of the House. The façade reveals all the secrets of the extraordinary Dior Atelier: an enchanting world where expert hands snip, stitch and sew to craft the most exquisite gifts. Behind each window lies a star product of the Maison Christian Dior family or an exclusive gift to discover. 24 surprises to dive into the wonderful world of a Dior Christmas. Vincent Darré and Christian Dior share many similarities. Starting with their undying love for the artist Christian Bérard, superstition, architecture, exceptional savoir-faire, the connections between art and fashion, and a fascination for dreams.

For Maison Christian Dior and for the Holidays, he created an enchanted Advent calendar, in tribute to 30, avenue Montaigne. He enthusiastically shares with us his inspiration.

“I had a lot of fun making this calendar, which I imagined as a tribute to the cinema of the 1950s with the elegance exalted by Dior and the extraordinary dresses of the New Look; these films gave us a glimpse of highly secretive fashion houses! I wanted, in turn, to show the dreams and mysteries of behind the scenes, with busy seamstresses working like little mice embroidering the timeless fairytale known as Haute Couture, which combines marvelously well with the magic of Christmas!” Vincent Darré.

Holiday 2019, Advent Calendar, Dior, Dior fragrances, Holiday Gift Ideas, Luxury fragrances, Christian Dior


The light and delicate bath line warms the heart with happy memories. These objects of desire awaken the senses and prolong the pleasure of the holiday season.

At the heart of winter paradise, the Lucky bath line – composed of a body creme, liquid soap and bar soap – wraps the senses in a veil of delicious white flowers and lily-of-the-valley. These creations carry the olfactory trail of the namesake fragrance dedicated to “all those moments when you want to cross your fingers”,explains François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator. This fragrance thus pays homage to Christian Dior, who was very superstitious and would sew a sprig of lily-of- the-valley into the hem of his Haute Couture dresses for good luck. A delicate finishing touch, a secret detail. This timeless good luck charm springs from this collection like an invitation to wellness. Lucky is an opportunity, the promise of a new day.

Holiday 2019, Advent Calendar, Dior, Dior fragrances, Holiday Gift Ideas, Luxury fragrances, Christian Dior


Composed by our Perfumer-Creator, Encens Mystique scented candle, with an intense and mysterious trail, has evocative woody notes that reveal a magical and sacred atmosphere.

Latest creation from François Demachy, Thé Osmentus scented candle, is imprinted with apricot and gourmet flavours which honors a rare flower by reviving the beauty of the ancient ritual of the tea ceremony.

“Wood is burning in the fireplace and the glimmer of the candle I have lit disturbs the dancing shadows on the ceiling. Outside, the first stars have started to shine”, wrote Christian Dior in his memoirs. This season, Maison Christian Dior spangles the home with two new stars that exude a bewitching scent.

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