AERIN is synonymous of luxury that portrays a sense of relaxed, modern style. We spoke with Aerin Lauder, founder of the brand, about the launch of her newest Aerin fragrance, insightful tips for a successful business and how to stay creative even during the most challenging times.

Aaerin Lauder at the headquaters office of Aerin brand

by Claudia Torres, Beauty and Fashion editor @perfectweddingmagazine

1.- To learn about your new fragrance Aerin Fleur de Peony. Can you first explain the process on how you come up with the concept of a new scent? 

The AERIN Fragrance Collection is an expression of my life, my memories.  To create the fragrances that best expressed this, we worked with some of the best ingredients and materials to create unique compositions. Whether it’s a floral note with a fabulous musk or the idea of something that evokes fresh air and sun with a tropical floral, the combinations are unique and distinctive, very much part of me, my sensibility and my life.

With these fragrances, there is an unexpected degree of luxury and quality in the materials used.  Since a very young age, I’ve been exposed to fragrance. I gravitate to the highest quality material of the luxury perfumery palette; I can smell it; it must just be in my DNA. By combining these materials in very creative ways, the AERIN Fragrance Collection brings a fresh outlook to the fragrance industry.  

2.- Why did you choose Peony this time? What do you love in this new fragrance?

I have always loved peonies. They add a celebratory touch to any occasion. The flower holds so many special memories for me. Whenever in season, I love to have small arrangements of peonies line the dinner table when I’m entertaining. I actually had pale pink peonies in my wedding day decor, for both the ceremony and dinner, so there’s definitely a strong emotional connection for me. 

AERIN Fleur de Peony is a luscious floral scent that captures the timeless beauty of the Peony. It is a very uplifting fragrance and reminds me of the layers of the peony’s petals. As the fragrance develops you discover interesting notes that truly delight your senses.  

3.- Do flowers have a special meaning for you and if you could choose just one flower which one is your absolute favourite?

The rose is one of my favorite flowers and fragrance elements. We developed AERIN Rose de Grasse to represent the most rare and special of these flowers – like a piece of art.

4.- How do you define your style?

My personal style is effortless, feminine and modern. 

Aerin Aerin Fleur de Peony fragrance, body lotion and scented candle

Above from left to right: the new fragrance from Aerin collection: AERIN Fleur de Peony which completes the range with a body lotion and scented candle.

The olfactive journey begins with fresh citrus notes of sparkling Mandarin and crisp Pomelo. A Lychee accord adds a glisten of sweet succulence paired with rich Jasmine Petals and a lush Cyclamen note, dewy and ethereal in its floralcy. At the heart of the fragrance lies the magnificent Peony, revealing a captivating femininity. The journey ends with mystical Sri Lankan Sandalwood, along with notes of golden Ambrox and Musk – the perfect blend of sensuality, warmth, and radiance.
This new scent includes a rich body cream and a luxurious candle, (this last one is available only online) The packaging is
created by textile designer Helen Dealtry featuring a custom watercolour pattern, inspired by the classical gardens of
Shanghai. The perfume’s bottle has a rosy pink stone-like cap.

5.- In your book of Entertaining Beautifully, you mention that having time for yourself in your dressing room at your New York apartment is almost a ritual, you always have flowers and a good cup of tea, is it during this calm time that you come up with new ideas for your brand, new home collections or fragrances? Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration is a little bit of everything. Flowers, art, fashion, the beach, fabrics and certainly travel. Even if I don’t physically go anywhere I’ll browse through Instagram, look at travel magazines, books and websites. Anything that I find interesting helps to inspire me.

6.- Can you give a word of advice to all woman and moms who are entrepreneurs developing their own company? Perhaps how to stay focused to reach their goals?

I think it’s very important for women to be curious and to be open to learning about all aspects of a business in order to be well-informed and educated. 

7.- What did you learn from the impact of the pandemic in your lifestyle and work life?

I have realized how important it is to set aside a little bit of time for myself each day. Whether it’s watching an old movie, taking a bath, or calling a friend, I try to prioritize activities or small gestures that make me happy and put my mind at ease.

8.- How do you stay creative during challenging times and are able to keep your brand evolving? 

I believe in always evolving by paying attention to what is going on around us and keeping up with trends, both in terms of consumer preferences and behaviour, cultural shifts and relevancy, and technological advancements. I love doing research through Instagram. I feel that you can find incredible inspiration and ideas from different people. 

9.- What is your strategy to be able to work on two different brands, your own and being the Style & Image Director for Estée Lauder?

I’m lucky to have a very talented team that I love working with. My uncle has an amazing quote. He says that he’s only as good as the people around him and he’s surrounded by the best. That’s the team I’ve created. I am surrounded by the best and I feel that is so valuable. 

10.- If you were going to gift your grandmother Estée Lauder one of your AERIN fragrances which one would you choose for her, and why?

I learned early on that my grandmother and I have a shared passion for flowers, especially roses. I would have gifted her Rose de Grasse. Rose is a timeless symbol of beauty and femininity.  AERIN Rose de Grasse represents the most rare and special of these flowers. It’s a modern interpretation that captures its complete, multi-dimensional beauty in one captivating scent – pristine, sophisticated, unexpected and iconic. 

11.- What is your favourite place to enjoy the summer months?

I spend a lot of time in the summer at my family home in the Hamptons in New York. I grew up spending my summers on those beaches and now it’s so special to watch my boys experiencing so many of the same things that I did. 

12.- Do you have a favourite colour?

I love pink. It represents femininity which is a big part of our brand. We decided to incorporate a beautiful pale pink colour as part of the DNA of the AERIN Beauty brand. 

aerin lauder portrait


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