The paths of life’s journey are many. Choosing the path, a direction for your journey, or more importantly – who to work with, is an essential part of the puzzle.

 Gordon Cooper – Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Perfect Wedding Magazine

Last Fall, the editor’s of Perfect Wedding Magazine, Gordon Cooper and Claudia Torres, were graced with the opportunity to work with some amazing people in Paris, France. First and foremost, the incredible Jeff Leatham who exudes magic from his fingertips, creating his world-famous floral art on a whimsical notion.Jeff Leatham headshot


He is the world’s top floral artist, infusing a monochromatic formula into his designs, creating the most inspiring contemporary pieces of floral art. Jeff Leatham works under an exhaustive agenda, designing weddings for celebrities, VIPs and  producing spectacular special events incorporating  his conceptual expertise.



I look at the colour first then I decide what type of vase or vessel I will use them in. Colour and shape ­is important to me. I guess, for a clothing designer, they choose their fabrics first and then they dress the body. I compare myself to this kind of artistic approach. This is the creative process I go through, so the actual flower itself, the variety of flower, is always the last thing I choose. It’s colour, texture and lastly the flower.

Jeff Leatham




In the beautiful Marble Courtyard of the Four Seasons George V in Paris, France, Jeff Leatham works to produce part of the ten page exclusive editorial feature for Perfect Wedding Magazine – AN EMPIRE IN BLOOM.




This exclusive photo session for Perfect Wedding Magazine was shot by one of the world’s top photographic talents – Anthony Brock, owner of OneAndOnlyParisPhotography.

Anthony Brock -
Anthony Brock – OneAndOnlyParisPhotography

Anthony Brock is an American photographer living, working and loving in the heart of Paris. He fuses fashion photography, fine art, and photojournalism to not just capture events but to capture them beautifully, presenting couples elegantly within the iconic settings of the city of love. All his published work is of real couples during genuine weddings and engagement shoots.




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