From his early childhood spent roaming the Eden-like garden of his family home in Granville, tended by his mother, Christian Dior cultivated a passion for the lily of the valley.

This delicate flower became one of his good-luck charms, worn in his buttonhole or sewn into the hems of his haute couture designs. A discreet influence, it moreover inspired iconic silhouettes like the 1957 Muguet dress, fully embroidered with the bell shaped blooms, as well as fragrances including Diorissimo, a delicious scent that skillfully evoked this springtime bouquet. A symbol of purity and joy that announces the arrival of warmer days, the lily of the valley adorns this season’s new Dior Maison collection by Cordelia de Castellane. Porcelain plates, decorative baubles, glasses and decanters are covered or sprinkled with its precious sprigs, capturing good fortune and art de vivre through a sweet celebration of nature.

Dior Maison Lily of the Valley new collection in Perfect Wedding Magazine

The new Lily of the Valley by Dior Maison in Perfect Wedding Magazine

Dior Maison seasonal collection Lily of the Valley in Perfect Wedding Magazine

Dior Maison new collection Lily of the Valley as featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine

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