Perfect Wedding Magazine Celebrates the Royal Wedding in London with Manuel Mota!

PRONOVIAS and Perfect Wedding Magazine celebrate the Royal Wedding in London with Manuel Mota, the creative director of the Spanish bridal firm who designed three spectacular wedding gowns inspired by the youth, beauty and elegance of Catherine Middleton.Tomorrow she will become princess of the United Kingdom. Yesterday in London Manuel Mota presented at the Pronovias flagship store these magnificent creations worthy of a princess.

All three designs have intrinsic characteristics, such as the pencil line that accentuates and flatters the bride’s figure, and the embroidery that features the fleur-de-lis and the English rose, among other motifs found in the Windsor’s coat of arms. The gowns incorporate design features that highlight Kate’s importance. From the detachable train, which provides a modern touch and the spectacular coat-train, which gives the ensemble a regal appearance to the sheer fabrics and layering that offer an ethereal and romantic option. – Manuel Mota commented

I loved the idea of envisaging and designing three dresses for the future Princess of England to wear. Each design embodies Kate Middleton’s elegance, sophistication and personality. This is one of the most important Royal weddings to take place around the world, which is why Pronovias is joining in by creating these special gowns and decorating the boutique in celebration.

The gowns from top to bottom:

  1. Spectacular forreau gown in silk tulle with hand-draped corset bodice with sheer sleeves and neckline in tulle scattered with crystals, creating a beguiling, transparent effect. The close-fitting tulle gown has an amazing four-metre removable train that gives it a modern look. The embroidery, which covers the gown, the train and sleeves, are in aged silver and ivory coloured micro-crystals, reproducing the heraldic fleur-de-lis and other plant motifs found in the British royal family’s coat of arms. The 4-metre silk tulle veil, scattered with crystals, gives the ensemble a very smooth effect in contrast with the volume of the train.
  2. The most outstanding feature of this romantic creation is the suggestive elegant play on sheer fabrics and layering. Several layers of embroidered tulle flow from the Empire waistline of this fourreau gown made of Chantilly lace. The entire ensemble is embroidered with micro-spangles and crystals, giving it plenty of sparkle, particularly around the neckline, sleeves and hem of the gown. A four-metre long silk tulle veil finished with Chantilly lace makes this ensemble the utmost in elegance and romanticism.  This pencil-line gown in natural Mikado silk is complemented with an elegant coat-train in the same fabric and rich embroidery. The fourreau gown has a nipped in waist and prominent three-metre coat-train, which gives great character to this regal design. The embroidery features heraldic motifs such as the fleur de lis or the English rose in aged silver and ivory coloured micro-crystals, which embellish the entire, spectacular coat-train. The veil is in silk tulle and adorned by rich French lace.

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