Say ‘I Do’ in Paradise: Top wedding and honeymoon spots in St. Martin revealed.

At this time of year many couples are starting to look for a a place to either tie the knot or have a honeymoon….Picture this: turquoise waves glimmering along the majestic coast, a golden sun glowing below the horizon, and the warm breezes of St. Martin creating the perfect setting for your love story. We invite all lovebirds to step into an enchanting tale where this picturesque island creates the perfect backdrop for you and yours – this unparalleled location is the perfect destination for the celebration of love this season in the heart of the Caribbean.

For those wondering where to celebrate, allow this magnificent island to elevate your wedding experience to new heights, offering impeccable venues and experiences specially tailored to every couple’s unique wishes.



It is hard to think of another location that matches the vibrant tapestry of St. Martin‘s local cultural influences, where the harmonious blend of French and Dutch history creates a unique setting for weddings. St. Martin offers a plethora of opportunities for couples to infuse their special day with the island’s beautiful heritage. Exchange your vows while being serenaded by traditional Caribbean rhythms or by incorporating precious, symbolic elements that honour the island’s rich history. Whether it’s a traditional island feast or an indigenous flower bouquet, couples can weave the essence of St. Martin into the very fabric of their celebration, creating picturesque memories that reflect the soul of the island.

Weddings in St Martin



Discover St. Martin’s dreamy ceremony spots, each one a true testament to the island’s unique beauty and charm. Exchange your vows in the elegance of Secrets Resorts, where the gazebo frames the moment before the azure sea. For a touch of glamour, Belmond La Samanna invites you to L’Oursin, providing a sophisticated yet dazzling setting for your ceremony. Seeking something more private? Rent a stunning villa among the 350 private villas on St. Martin scattered in key areas such as Les Terres Basses, Orient Bay or Mont Vernon. Enjoy secluded beachfront luxury, providing an option for an intimate celebration with those you love most, surrounded by the island’s beauty.

And for those beginning to envision their picture-perfect wedding, a handful of wedding specialists who are flexible in working with long-distance couples and are prepared to transform your dreams into reality. This expert wedding planners can blend the magic of your love and St. Martin into an unforgettable experience. Whether exchanging amorous vows on a sandy beach or quietly celebrating in an exclusive villa overlooking the crystal-clear sea, your wedding specialist can ensure an experience that’s as unique as your love. As you countdown to your big day, let the Caribbean’s top wedding planners handle every detail, ensuring a magical celebration that surpasses all expectations.

Belmond La Samanna in St. Martin

Belmond La Samanna


Private Villa in St. Martin Les Terres Basses

Private villa in St. Martin Les Terres Basses area



For couples celebrating a recent union, we invite you to indulge in the romantic ambiance of St. Martin. Culinary enthusiasts will discover a gastronomic haven within the island as it boasts one of the most colourful food scenes in the Caribbean. With over 300 restaurants representing 120 nationalities, the island is a melting pot of cultures and flavours. By day, savour ice-cold beers and cocktails on the beach, and by sunset, treat yourselves to candlelit dining. Delight in locally grown produce, unique spices, fresh seafood, and top-notch meats. La Villa Hibiscus, known throughout the island as the ultimate luxurious gastronomic hot spot offers a romantic fine dining experience for newlyweds and loved ones. Locally renowned beachside restaurants like Java SXM and Rainbow Café serve fresh local favourites along the gorgeous coastline. For a refreshing cocktail, Coco Beach awaits with its award-winning menu and lush, garden-like ambiance overlooking Orient Bay Beach.

There are a range of festivals like the Carnaval de St. Martin where you can admire the vibrant architecture and witness unremarkable island beauty. Thrill-seeking duos will want to trek up to Loterie Farm, home of the Fly Zone Extreme Canopy, offering astonishing views from incredible heights. More adventure awaits: zip across the white sands on speedy ATVs, set sail on a breathtaking sunset cruise, enjoy horseback riding along the sunny coastline, or embark on a rum distillery tour for a honeymoon filled with unforgettable moments.

St. Martin Top Honeymoon Spots

Discover the ultimate romantic getaway in the heart of the Caribbean in St. Martin, a paradise where love and adventure fuse seamlessly to add new chapters to your love story. From compelling cultural influences to captivating views, St. Martin promises a romantic experience like no other.

St. Martin Honeymoon Destination


Begin planning your journey at St. Martin the wedding destination in the Caribbean.


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