Tiffany & Co. just unveiled a very exclusive High Jewellery collection, Doha Bird on a Pearl.

If you are a Tiffany and jewellery fan, you are very familiar to the iconic ‘Bird on the rock’ brooch created by Jean Schlumberger in 1956 for the famed jewellery brand. Now, almost 70 years later the diamond encrusted bird motif takes flight, spreading its wings, this time showcasing the rarest natural saltwater pearls. Sourced in the Gulf region and acquired from Mr. Hussein Al Fardan’s private collection. The pearls are prized for the size, shape, and unparalleled radiance. Simply because of the complexity of finding perfect natural saltwater pearls, the idea of using them may have sound an impossible quest but Tiffany & Co. managed to curate exceptionally this capsule collection re-envisioning Jean Schlumberger breathtaking style.

Tiffany and Co. capsule high jewellery collection, a master piece necklace

Above: A masterpiece within the collection is a three-strand necklace of graduated natural saltwater white cream pearls of over 316 total carats. Remarkable baroque, button and near-round pearls give new life to the iconic brooch.

Equally remarkable, a pendant, earrings and rings—set with rare natural saltwater dark gray, gray, light cream, light pinkish-brown and white pearls—are defined by subtle nods to Jean Schlumberger’s aesthetic.

Bird on a pearl Tiffany brooch and earrings with diamonds and yellow gold

Tiffany & Co. SchlumbergerTM Bird on a Pearl pendant

Mr. Hussein Al Fardan’s expertise on natural pearls from the Gulf region spans centuries. Natural pearls from the Gulf are recognized as the most exquisite pearls in the world. Creating a necklace of natural pearls from this region—uniform in size, shape and luster—can take over 20 years. Mr. Hussein Al Fardan’s private collection of natural pearls is the largest from the Gulf region. Mr. Hussein Al Fardan opened his doors to Tiffany & Co. to curate the pearls for this exclusive collection—a rare opportunity among high jewelry houses—even offering the jeweller some of his favorite pearls.

To obtain one of these pieces, you should be able to attend to the most exclusive jewellery events that will showcase around the world, the first one? Tiffany & Co. will debut the suite at an exclusive event in Doha, Qatar this month. The quest is now on your side.

Tiffany & Co. SchlumbergerTM Pavé Wire Wrap ring from the Bird on a Pearl High Jewellery collection

Tiffany & Co. SchlumbergerTM Bird on a Pearl brooch

Tiffany Bird on a Pearl Necklace in platinum with graduated near-round natural saltwater cream pearls

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