The Great Gatsby Collection by Tiffany & Co.


Finally, the date is here! The Great Gatsby debuts today and with it starts a new chapter in the inspiration for weddings. Most brides, when they think about jewellery, think Tiffany & Co. In the new Great Gatsby Collection by Tiffany & Co., inspired by the film and created in collaboration with Academy Award-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin, brides can find that bling effect for a stylish wedding day.

The spectacular jewelry is based on designs from the Tiffany Archives and worn by the films all-star cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, who appear as Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. The jewellery symbolizes the story’s themes of wealth and privilege, and we approached its design with the utmost style and luxury in mind, said Jon King, executive vice president of Tiffany & Co.

The Great Gatsby Collection by Tiffany & Co. in Perfect Wedding Magazine


Tiffany’s dazzling creations illuminate the characters rarefied world of New York penthouses and Long Island estates. Ms. Mulligan’s Tiffany wardrobe includes tassel necklaces and jewels with lustrous conch pearls. At evening soirees her blond bob is circled with the Savoy, a headdress of diamonds and cultured pearls, (shown above) and her gestures are accented by a hand ornament in a daisy motif and diamond rings with the Tiffany Setting.

The Great Gatsby collection by Tiffany & Co. in perfect Wedding Magazine


The daisy is also featured in earrings of Tiffany Yellow Diamonds and a long-stemmed brooch. Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Jordan Baker, wears chandelier earrings of rose-cut diamonds, bracelets of diamonds and seed pearls and Art Deco-inspired rings of sapphires and diamonds in platinum. At posh parties her elegant ensembles are accented with fluid diamond necklaces and earrings of cushion-cut black onyx or emerald-cut aquamarines.

Mr. DiCaprio’s custom Brooks Brothers shirts are finished with oval cuff links of black or green enamel on 18 karat gold. Essentials such as a slender card case and flask in sterling silver fit smoothly in the pockets of his tailored linen suits and tuxedo. For more about The Great Gatsby, visit

The Great Gatsby collection by Tiffany & Co. in Perfect Wedding Magazine

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