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To clear the confusion, Perfect Wedding Magazine is still one of the most beautiful production magazines in the world. Although we have taken action, doing our part to save this rock we call home by ceasing print production, Perfect Wedding is still a luxurious magazine in digital format that provides its readers with essential wedding, beauty, fashion and travel insider information.

www.PerfectWeddingMagazine.com, on the other hand, does provide valuable information to its audience but it should not be confused as being ‘the digital magazine’. If this registration link is active then you can register yourself as a member of our community and get the most recent past issue for free – no subscription is required. The time is NOW – to take action and support our wonderful digital publication. #ClimateStrike means more than just words.

This is a Preview of the 104 page issue.

Gordon Cooper

Editor-in-Chief/Art Director for Perfect Wedding Magazine. A fearless and intuitive Director/Producer/Production Manager who loves to travel - without being a tourist!

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