Imagine Vincent Van Gogh interiorThe 2020 pause for weddings, on a global scale, has inadvertently provided everyone with time to ponder and reflect on how to make an event, as special as a nuptial celebration, truly unique.

Recently, the editors for Perfect Wedding Magazine had the experience of attending the touring Imagine Van Gogh immersive exhibition, created by French artistic directors Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron with the art concept of Image Totale . This unique journey through 200 master pieces of Van Gogh’s art, blends light, sound and movement, and sparked an idea with us.

Imagine Van Gogh interior 2

The use of art in a wedding celebration, where the bride, groom and venue are accentuated to an extreme level, completely choreographed around the ‘art’ theme, can be a great and uniquely inspirational way to host a profound event.

Walking amongst Van Gogh’s masterpieces is emotionally stimulating, surrounding the senses with sound and colour, one seemingly is falling into the work of the artist.Imagine Van Gogh interior 3

And for those looking for a unique environment to “pop-the-question”, we believe the Imagine Van Gogh immersive exhibition is as appropriate as can be, for those who appreciate the efforts of this master artist, and understand that LOVE itself is a form of art. For more information, visit Imagine Van GoghImagine Van Gogh interior 4Imagine Van Gogh interior 5

Gordon Cooper

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