Guerlain’s iconic fragrance Cherry Blossom gets adorned with a new radiant floral necklace, a limited edition to celebrate the rebirth of Spring.

Each year in spring, throughout the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese gather round cherry trees to admire their blossoms. For the new season of 2021, Guerlain celebrates this moving tradition with an exceptional limited and numbered edition of Cherry Blossom. Born of a unique artistic collaboration, the iconic Bee bottle of the 2021 edition is adorned with a radiant floral necklace created by the young Parisian designer Lucie Touré.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom limited edition bottle celebrates the rebirth of Spring


A scent that is as fresh as the petal of a cherry blossom, pure beauty contained in a precious bottle. In 1999, Jean-Paul Guerlain composed Cherry Blossom , an olfactory poem inspired by the Japanese tradition of hanami. His tribute is a delicate, tender pink Eau de Toilette that expresses itself as graceful and clear.

An olfactory signature of the House of Guerlain, bergamot sheds its sunlight on a refreshing green tea accord with floral tones, in a serene evocation of another ancient Japanese ritual.

Reinvented by the Perfumer’s art, since the cherry blossom does not yield its essence, the sakura  then unfurls tender facets of almond, cherry, and powdery lilac. An airy jasmine highlights the harmony of the floral springtime bouquet, a perfect match for the green tea note.

A featherlight veil of white musks evokes the lightness of sakuras fluttering on branches like clouds tinged with the pink glow of dawn.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom bottle designed by French artist Lucie Touré


To adorn the iconic Bee Bottle manufactured by Pochet du Courval, the House’s historic glassmaker since 1853, Guerlain has chosen the winner of the 2019 Tour Eiffel Design Award, the young Parisian designer Lucie Touré. Here, she delivers a fresh, spontaneous interpretation of the vernal beauty of blossoming cherry trees.

After specializing in embroidery as well as textile and paper design, Lucie Touré trained for six years in Parisian embroidery and textile printing studios, collaborating with the most prestigious haute couture and ready-to-wear houses. She opened her own studio in 2018 at the “Ateliers de Paris”, an association of artists and craftspeople. By associating paper with the techniques of textile and jewelry, she elevates the ephemeral material through cutting, weaving or embroidery.

For the 2021 edition Lucie Touré has fashioned a necklace of stylized sakuras  unfurling gracefully onto the bottle’s dome. Individually hand-made by layering cut-out white and pink papers with touches of gold, each cherry blossom is crafted by borrowing techniques from different crafts turning each bottle of Cherry Blossom a unique, poetic piece of art.

The exquisite sakura  necklace is then placed on the bottle by specialized craftswomen, Guerlain’s renowned Dames de Table . They wind a golden thread, sealed with a golden pearl, around the bottle’s neck. They also affix the label, white with a golden frame of floral motifs that echo the bottle’s ornament for this 2021 edition. The coffret reprises the House’s iconic Bees motif, embossed on white paper.

This numbered edition is limited to 2 466 pieces. Each 125 ml bottle is presented with a 30 ml travel spray as well as a funnel to transfer the fragrance. With Cherry Blossom, the poetic celebration of the eternal rebirth of spring becomes a new, yearly rendez-vous for Guerlain.

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