Dior Parfums celebrates in an exclusive cocktail and dinner party the launch of L’or de J’adore fragrance at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, an evening in which art and beauty collide.

Jean-Michel Othoniel The Flowers of Hypnosis

Dior Dinner at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Veronique Courtois, president and CEO of Parfums Christian Dior, and sculptor Jean-Michel Othoniel celebrated the new L’or de J’adore fragrance by Francis Kurkdjian, Dior perfume creation director, and the new J’adore limited-edition piece created by Othoniel for the house, “Gold Rose.”

Amidst “The Flowers of Hypnosis,” Jean-Michel Othoniel’s exhibition of six new works, sponsored by Dior’s cultural gardens initiative and currently on view at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it was the occasion for Dior parfums to welcome numerous celebrities to experience the exhibition. House friends such as Charlize Theron.


Cocktails on the garden’s lily pool terrace were followed by an intimate dinner in the palm house, for which a special installation was created by Othoniel. Inspired by “Gold Rose,” Othoniel’s table escape was comprised of murano glass vases, lanterns. Francis Kurkdjian accentuated the artwork with a special interpretation of the new L’or de J’adore, dispersed through tabletop fountains created by Othoniel to subtly scent the air.

Additionally, the décor was completed with custom flatware created in collaboration with Dior Maison, also inspired by “Gold Rose.” Revealed at the event, “Gold Rose” is imbued with the full magic of the artist’s monumental sculptures and the perfect counterpart to Francis Kurkdjian’s composition of L’or de J’adore. Inspired by the contemplation of a “real” rose, it is first cast in bronze, then hand polished one by one, before being plunged into a bath of molten 24 carat gold.

Dior dinner celebrating L'or de J'adore


Set delicately in this bronze and gold flower, the crystal amphora provides an ethereal, perfectly balanced figure 8, underlining the soft harmony of the new look created by Christian Dior. The expressive fluid gold of its lid embraces the weightless bead, then flows in waves over the crystal curves of the bottle. The glass base is full and rounded, making it impossible to balance the bottle without the flower that houses it. In short, it embodies the perfect symbiosis between the precious amphora with a polished neck, and its case, sculpted like a calyx. This exceptional piece is available upon request in select Dior boutiques beginning September 2023.

Gold Rose Dior's limited L'or de J'adore bottle

Jean-Michel Othoniel: The Flowers of Hypnosis” presents six new monumental works born of the artist’s passion for and observations of nature and flowers. crafted of gold leaf and stainless steel, the six sculptures are placed in three of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s best-known gardens, the lily pool terrace, fragrance garden, and japanese hill-and-pond garden.

Jean-Michel Othoniel: The Flowers of Hypnosis on view until October 22, 2023 at Brooklyn Botanic Garden 990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11225 please visit bbg.org for tickets and additional information.

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