A Fearless Grace is how Elie Saab describes his brand’s Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2022/23 collection presented in Paris.

ELIE SAAB Ready to Wear Fall Winter 22/23 is as extravagant as it is bold and brave. An amalgamation of luscious materials and confident lines inspired by the audacious nineties, bring opulence and minimalism together to invoke A FEARLESS GRACE.

Elie Saab Ready to Wear Fall winter 2022-23 collection presented in Paris

Striking tones and lavish textures enrich more straightforward and self-assured silhouettes. Strong colour blocks of laurel greens, royal purple and azalea fuchsia standout, enhancing gowns that wrap into a variety of plunging necklines and short taffeta statements with exaggerated pleated ruffles exploding from shoulder and waist lines. An array of lush velvet textures, from stiff to devorée, envelope the body from head to toe in large blazers, jumpers, cigarette pants and platforms. Glistening sequins flirt with tiered lace and macrame in movements of transparency and opacity, echoing crepe cut-out dresses with metallics that outline natural curves and contours.

Elie Saab Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2022-23 collection features bold colours of green, purple, blue and black

Elaborately embroidered sequin bomber jackets in floral-inspired motifs add a splash of flare to sophisticated daywear and a rush of wild for a night out. Feathers softly whisper throughout, as fine accents on organically fanning knit wear or whimsical embellishments on matelassé monogram down coats. A hint of rebel and grunge is in daring leather fringe excess and crystals that enhance the bustier of a black baby-doll dress. Monochromatic vertical sequins inundate evening wear, with shimmers of purples and greens intertwining with embroidered tulle for loud looks that scream with attitude.

The ELIE SAAB Ready to Wear Collection FALL Winter 22/ 23 collection appeals to the rebellious and fierce, to those needing to express their wild confidence and wear their FEARLESS GRACE proud, for everyone to see.

Elie Saab Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2022-23 mini dresses with exaggerated pleated ruffles

Elie Saab Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2022-23 dresses with embroidered sequins

Elie Saab Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2022-23 Fearless Grace

Elie Saab Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2022-23  Cindy Bruni

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