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PRONOVIAS, leading brand in the bridal sector, has fitted the new Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection at the PRONOVIAS flagship store with top model Blanca Padilla and the brand’s creative director, Hervé Moreau.

The Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection has been traditionally tailored with fabrics of the highest quality, proposing clean cut designs with pure lines and vaporous skirts, as well as new fabrics like mikado silkorganza and silk satinpiqué and crêpe. At the same time, Chantilly lace over crystal tulle takes the leading role, achieving a tattoo effect on skin; a new technique developed by the Pronovias’ atelier, which has become the absolute trend.

Regarding the new collection, which will be presented at the fashion show on 8 May, Moreau has mentioned: “The next Atelier Pronovias collection will surprise you once again. There will be completely new and ground-breaking lines. We cannot forget that PRONOVIAS represents all women, so we will have pure, conceptual and theatrical lines in addition to lace dresses that showcase the brand perfectly. I believe the collection will be magical, as magical as the collection’s theme: ‘Once Upon a Time…'”. About PRONOVIAS, the designer added: “It is a great honour to work for PRONOVIAS, a brand with 50 years of experience and a completely incredible history. I am fortunate to be able to design really exceptional products and create designs that are sold and are visible around the globe. For a designer, a stylist, there is nothing better than working for PRONOVIAS.”

Blanca Padilla, who has worn a gown from the new Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection, mentioned: “This is the second time I wear a bridal gown for PRONOVIAS, and I love the dresses. If I ever get married, I will wear a dress like the one I am wearing now. With lace, sheer layers and a train”. The model, who will walk PRONOVIAS again after succeeding in the catwalks of Paris, London and New York, said: “Modelling away from home has been very enriching for me, a true challenge. It opens many doors and I’ve met many people, but I miss my own.” To succeed on the catwalk, Blanca says: “In order to succeed as a model one has to be confident, because we see so many girls that are really good, so it’s easy to feel discouraged. One has to be fully aware that she has something that others don’t have.”

This presentation will mark the beginning of a week, which will end on May 8th with the long-awaited PRONOVIAS fashion show, where the Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection will be presented at the Museu Nacional d’Art de CatalunyaBlanca Padilla, Irina ShaykConstance JablonskiRomee Strijd andCindy Bruna, among other international top models, will be part of the exceptional casting in a fashion show with a unique staging, where the audience will enjoy one of the live fashion events with the highest repercussion in the world.

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