We met 2013 via friends and liked each other immediately but „nothing happened“ and then beginning of 2018 Mattia contacted me (because we never forgot about each other) and we immediately clicked again and it felt like we had known each other for years. We are the lucky couple that tied the knot pre-#socialdistancing!

German Italian Wedding Pre-#SocialDistancing Perfect Wedding Magazine

The Proposal: It happened in Zauchensee, Austria in the Mountains with the entire family and a beautiful view from on top of the mountains. The sun was shining and in front of the family (and at a secluded spot) he asked me to marry him.

Bride’s attire: Gown by Iamyours (Brand: Olvi’s), Engagement Ring by Tiffany’s and Wedding Rings by Wempe, Shoes by Jimmy Choo, Jewellery from my Grandmother, Hair and Make-up by myself

Grooms Attire: All tailor-made (Shoes also) by ‘The Paisley’. Jewellery is from his Italian family (he received it over the years on special occasions)
Most Memorable Moment: Our families performed a song for us at our ceremony (they stood up one after the other), first in German and then everyone in Italian. We didn’t expect that. It was beautiful. Also the pianist playing with them was just perfect. They rephrased the song “You be in my heart” by Phil Collins.
No destination wedding but it will follow in 2022 in Italy (where my husband is from)
We didn’t have a honeymoon yet but our plan was to fly to New York for a “small honeymoon”. The big one will follow after the wedding in Italy.
My advice: You don’t have to start early to have the perfect wedding. I started planning 2 months prior to the wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect. You just have to know exactly what you want and always stay calm and relaxed. Don’t be too dogged on it because after all it is supposed to be the best day of your life.
Location: Haller 6 (
Catering: Kochfabrik (
Flowers: Blumengraaf (
Cake: Zuckermonarchie (
Photographer’s Comments on shooting the wedding just before the forced lockdown:
It was my last wedding before Corona came into our lives.
And this wedding showed me what love really means! And it touched me deeply to shoot such a deep and emotional love story!
Message to all couples:
Love always exists – it will hold us together and help us to survive these crises. Don’t forget that.
Even if your wedding date is changing – that’s just our head and the impatience that speaks to us.
Don’t forget the real reason why you are getting married because your love is not changing.
The date really doesn’t matter. 

Gordon Cooper

Editor-in-Chief/Art Director for Perfect Wedding Magazine. A fearless and intuitive Director/Producer/Production Manager who loves to travel - without being a tourist!


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    Great styling and a very lucky couple indeed! – from Matin Dabek Photographer

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