Bridal designer Katherine Tash tied the knot in Provence, her wedding was a dream and her bridal gown is a remarkable piece that recounts her own love story through out each embellishment!


For her wedding in Provence, Katherine Tash designed both her wedding gown and her after-party mini dress, a fully beaded frock in shades of soft pink.

Katherine Tash at her atelier

The designer envisioned her overall bridal look as “elegant, clean and timeless, the most elevated version of myself”.

Her wedding gown was different in designing from what she is well known for. A draped, off-the-shoulder silhouette with a flowing removable overskirt was designed to match the opulence of the venue, Chateau de Torreau.

Katherine Tash wedding dress for her own real wedding


Katherine’s bridal brand rarely includes embroidery or beading but her wedding dress had to “speak for it self”. Every embellishment was customize with symbols that were unique to the couple, including celestial motifs that would represent special moments from the beginning of her now husband, Tom, including a heart folding their initials, wrapped in a ribbon that is being carried through a rising sun by a little dove. Image of the couple’s childhood homes line a beaded path along the overskirt, ending in the Pacific Palisades bluff where the couple shared their first date.

Bridal designer Katherine Tash own wedding dress

“The skirt represents our journey to finding one another” – Katherine Tash.


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