Getting married continues to be a dream for many women across the country. Though the numbers show that marriage rates are declining, 77% of couples in Canada still choose to have this celebration. For many women, having a wedding is a lifeline dream meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. This makes looking their best just as important.

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It isn’t uncommon to want to lose weight in time for your wedding. But it shouldn’t be done through crash diets. These are just some of the ways you can achieve your dream bridal body just in time for your special day:


It’s no secret that fitness and having a great figure go hand in hand. A case in point can be seen with world-class gymnast Simone Biles, who looked nothing short of breathtaking during her wedding with a dress highlighting her hard-earned physique. Exercise can be a game-changer, so consider signing up for different workout classes targeting your wedding fitness goals.

Cardio workouts like spin classes can promote fat reduction and are great for overall weight loss. Pilates is perfect for toning muscles and building more definition in your abs and glutes. You can even opt for more calming activities like yoga to help you lose weight while giving you space to de-stress from wedding planning.

If you start working out early in the wedding planning process, you’ll give yourself more time to achieve your dream wedding day physique.


The diet plan is another common method brides-to-be use to achieve their ideal look. By restricting what they eat, they aim to lose enough weight before their wedding. However, such diet plans can turn into unhealthy eating habits that can even risk one’s health through conditions like nutritional deficiency and fatigue.

A sustainable, healthy weight loss plan shouldn’t restrict how you eat, however. Rather, it should change your relationship with food and allow you to reprogram your own habits and behaviors. Instead of looking at calorie counts, it will suggest nutritious meals you can eat and encourage you to undertake holistic lifestyle changes to improve your overall wellness.

By signing up for such a plan and avoiding restrictive ones, you can establish healthier eating habits that give you the energy you need to plan your wedding and shed extra pounds—all without resorting to unhealthy methods to look your best on the big day.


For brides who may not have the time or patience to completely overhaul their lifestyle in time for their wedding, there are different weight loss treatments marketed as easy fixes they can try. Cryo-therapy procedures are especially popular for contouring problem areas where fat is hard to lose in just 12 weeks.

This has been the go-to treatment by many celebrities, such as the Kar-Jenner clan and Jennifer Aniston. It is also completely safe and has no recorded long-term effects. The only issue is that since it is a quick fix, you will likely gain the weight back soon after.

That being said, weight loss treatments are the perfect solution for brides that want to reach their goal body without putting in too much effort.


If you want to enjoy your weight loss journey and use it as an excuse to unwind, there are countless great wellness retreats you can try. Many celebrities credit these resorts with helping them shed some pounds. Rebel Wilson, for example, says checking into a retreat at VivaMayr helped boost her weight loss efforts tremendously. For brides-to-be, such places can be perfect for unwinding, improving your health, and even working toward your dream wedding figure.

Many of these spas create healthy meals that are attuned to the needs of their clients. They also provide holistic treatments, such as belly massages, that aid digestion and metabolism. All these offerings are given amidst backdrops of scenic views and world-class amenities, so you’re sure to get the most out of your retreat experience.

Ultimately, taking a break can leave you not only feeling good but also allow you to look your best in the process.

Getting in shape in time for your wedding will be a long process, but it’s certainly one worth undergoing. These are just a few of the methods you can use to achieve your dream bridal body in a healthy and safe way.

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