Christos Costarellos new bridal collection is rooted in his Greek heritage and committed to sustainable fashion without sacrificing the luxurious characteristics of his choice for fabrics.

Costarellos Spring 2023 bridal


The neo-romantic aesthetic of the Costarellos Spring 23 Bridal Collection comprises dream, grace and lightness while tastefully incorporating iconic vintage references and the timeless beauty of the past into the present. It consists of a diversified array of multi-occasion gowns and separates that exude a pure and effortless romance. The line-up injects a breath of freshness while staying close to the brand’s aesthetics. 

The Greek landscape, culture and tradition are the core of inspiration of this collection, which also displays an 80’s vibe, accented with elements of the 70’s era, that combine to establish a style that is both chic and girly. 

Costarellos 2023 bridal collection

Two-piece looks, loose tops and ethereal skirts, showcases the designer’s well-thought expansion to create versatile designs suitable for events outside the scope of the ceremony. The collection blurs the line between the brand’s ready-to-wear and bridal ranges, letting the standout pieces and details from the fashion line influence the bridal. The minimal silhouettes are subtly embellished by single statement details, such as knotted touches, tonal sequins, crystal fringes and delicate floral appliqués. 

Christos Costarellos is particularly attentive to the importance of fabrics, the essential starting point of all his creation. Featuring luxurious materials, such as embroidery and light fabrics, the collection is the culmination of the brand’s signature use of various kinds of laces that are sourced from Europe and are masterfully composed and layered in a truly contemporary way. 

Costarellos Spring 2023 bridal collection in Perfect Wedding Magazine


Costarellos strives to create luxurious products in a responsible and sustainable way that manages the planet’s finite resources. The company’s efforts include ethically hand-produced garments in Europe, the use of responsibly-sourced materials and the adaptation of non-hazardous chemical alternatives in the dye process when available. A new initiative of up-cycling waste textiles has also been implemented, which supports local fashion schools and artisans. 

According to the designer, his work “combines a classical, understated elegance with bold femininity and sensuality”. He adds that he designs for “a woman who has a strong personality and is not afraid to embrace it”. The designer’s added touches of individuality resonate with the modern bride who wants to feel more sensual and feminine, but also modern and glamorous. 

Costarellos Spring 2023 bridal collection

Costarellos Spring 2023 bridal collection in Perfect Wedding Magazine

Costarellos Spring 2023 collection in Perfect Wedding Magazine

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