Finding a wine fit for the most romantic holiday is a task in itself, pouring it into the right glass shouldn’t be. We all know Champagne reigns supreme at Valentine’s fetes, and Riedel has two performance-enhancing glasses to enhance your bubbly of choice, the perfect pour for Valentine’s Day.

Riedel Champagne Flutes with Cipes Ariel bottle Perfect Wedding Magazine

Specifically designed to optimize the flavours and aromas of the world’s most finely crafted bubbly, the Riedel Performance Champagne Glass serves as the ultimate accompaniment to date night.  ($59/set of 2)

Exuding timeless elegance for a refined toast, the Riedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige Flute perfectly showcases Champagne’s beautiful, lively bubbles that invoke the ultimate celebration of love. ($59.00/set of 2)

Summerhill Wines Cipes bubbly Perfect Wedding Magazine

A perfect pairing for Riedel glasswareSummerhill Pyramid Winery Cipes bubbly wines! Watch for our Spring 2020 edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine to learn more about one of BC Okanagan’s favourite wineries.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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