Shepherd of Sweden is a footwear brand committed to offer quality and authentic Scandinavian design delivering fashion and comfort in every style. The perfect fitting for every Bride-to-Be!

Shephered of Sweden footwear

Whether you are running around the city to attend your bridal appointments or planning your wedding from the comfort of your home, the need of high quality (in fashion) shoes is a must. Also take note to consider a pair for your bridesmaids’s gifts!

Well established since 1982 in Sweden and now launching in the United States, this Spring, Shepherd of Sweden is introducing an innovative line of hybrid footwear, masterfully blending fashion with functionality, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

CEO Stefan Mårdh states, “The hybrid shoe is taking over; Gen Z craves comfort and doesn’t care about categorization such as indoor and outdoor slippers. They want functionality, quality, and style – all in one package! This is what Scandinavian design is known for.”


Shepherd of Sweden Footwear Spring collection

The Spring Collection showcases innovative hybrid models – shoes expertly designed for a seamless transition from the comfort of indoors to the adventures of the outdoors. This versatility underlines the brand’s commitment to catering to the dynamic lifestyle needs of modern consumers.

The slippers feature a long-haired sheepskin collar at the front and a textile trim around the sole. The slip-resistant EVA outsole provides cushioning with every step.

“Entering the US market is a significant milestone for Shepherd of Sweden, especially at a time when Scandinavian design is highly sought after,” said Stefan Mårdh, CEO of Shepherd of Sweden. “Our hybrid models are a perfect embodiment of our dedication to quality, comfort, and a minimalistic yet premium fashion ethos that resonates with US consumers.”

Shepherd of Sweden’s Spring Collection features footwear crafted from the finest materials, ensuring durability and comfort. These designs strike a balance between practicality and elegance, ideal for the fashion-forward consumer who values comfort in their style.

“This spring, we are focusing on shoes that cater to both cozy indoor environments and active outdoor settings,” added Stefan Mårdh. “This dual-functionality aligns with our Scandinavian design philosophy and is particularly appealing to the US market, where style and practicality are equally important.”

Shepherd of Sweden Woman Spring collection


Shepherd of Sweden’s US presence not only expands its geographical presence but also introduces its unique blend of fashion and comfort to a broader audience. The brand is set to captivate fashion enthusiasts and those who appreciate the subtle elegance of Scandinavian design.

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