The awards season has began, an opportunity of seeing how Hollywood’s stars style their red carpet looks with High Jewellery becoming an open invitation to get inspiration for your own bridal look.

A selection of pieces from Tiffany & Co. were the choice of the following influential women from the entertainment’s exclusive world. Rare and unique diamonds along with vibrant coloured gemstones showcases the craftsmanship of the American jewellery house.



Jennifer Lawrence wears Tiffany and Co. jewellery at the Golden Globes

Jennifer Lawrence emanated the classic elegance of “Hollywood glamour” wearing a pendant in platinum and 18k yellow gold with a diamond of over 11 carats and diamonds from the 2023 Tiffany Blue Book Collection. Her earrings, Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Sea Coral in 18k yellow gold and platinum with unenhanced sapphires of over 6 total carats and diamonds were the perfect pairing to match the colour of her velvet navy Dior dress.



Emily Blunt wear Tiffany and Co. at the Golden Globes

The regal gilded white and gold Alexander McQueen’s dress that Emily Blunt wore perfectly was elevated with a one-of-a-kind Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Leaves necklace in platinum and 18k yellow gold with diamonds. On her wrist, a statement piece,  the Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany stitches bracelet in platinum and 18k yellow gold with diamonds.

Her earrings, a simple diamond and platinum stud. On her finger, a ring in platinum and 18k yellow gold with a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond of over 5 carats and white diamonds from the 2023 Tiffany Blue Book Collection. To top of the exquisite jewellery pieces that adorned her red carpet look.

Emily secured her slightly undone chignon with two Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Bird on a Rock Brooches in platinum and 18k yellow gold, one featured a diamond and the other a Fancy Intense Yellow diamond of over 10 carats, diamonds and a pink sapphire, a truly statement finished touch that nodded with the her impressive diamond look.



Reese Whiterspoon wears Tiffany and Co. diamond jewellery in the golden globes

Reese Witherspoon opted for an all -in-white archival Diamonds pieces like the Tiffany & Co. archives necklace in platinum with diamonds (from 1997), an Art Deco bracelet in platinum with diamonds (1920–1935).

A modern yet classic set of earrings in platinum with diamonds of over 7 total carats and diamonds. Only one ring, a bold Tiffany Soleste® band ring in platinum with diamonds.



Dua Lipa wear archival Tiffany and Co. necklace at the Golden Globes

Dua Lipa wore an impressive Tiffany & Co. Archives necklace in gold and platinum with yellow beryl, topaz quartz and diamonds (1962), the singer is the first celebrity that takes this vintage piece out from Tiffany’s vault to wear it in a public event.

She also wore a Tiffany ring in platinum with an unenhanced yellow sapphire and diamonds.


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