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The Italian Wedding Stars Gran Gala

The Italian Wedding Stars Gran Galà 2018, is a prestigious yearly event organized by Daniela Corti of Madreperla Wedding & Event Planning, to recognize and reward excellence in each category of the wedding industry.


The Italian Wedding Stars Gran Galà 2018 was held at the traditionally characteristic location of “Tenuta Monacelle” in Apulia, Italy on November 30th, 2018.

It was a night of celebrations, entertainment and Rewards for the winners of the 17 Best Italian Wedding Professionals categories and the 3 Special prizes.

A three course dinner was served to the 200 guests.

Perfect Wedding Magazine partners with The Italian Wedding Stars Gran Gala

Among the judges of the Gran Galà:

Renée Strauss, one of the best wedding industry’s experts and the North American Wedding Destination Ambassador to the Italian International Board of Tourism, who also represents the worldwide market with her recent project WEDAWAYS

Gilbert Haddad, a Dubai based videographer, who won several Awards including the Emirates Film Festival Award for best cinematography and nominated for Best Film at the US Drone Film festival

Jules Bower, International wedding photographer whose clients include celebrities and Broadway stars
Susan Barone, renowned tour operator specialized in luxury weddings and owner of the brand Luxury Wedding Worldwide
Mauro Adami, one of the best renowned wedding planners in Italy
Bruce Russell, international luxury wedding and event planner from London
Paula Rooney, English floral artist from London
Vince Tempera,one of the most important orchestra’s director of Italy,
Diane Rossi, celebrant from the well renowned Blessings from Italy
Cecilia Campana, award-winning cake designer
Marco Rispo, Italian Michelin starred chef
Anna Del Prete, director and owner of PBS, the italian Professional Academy of Beauty

See here the list of 2018 winners:

Italian Wedding Star Awards dinner

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