The signature design codes of Miss Dior bottle are interpreted to produce a one-of-a-kind coin collection.

Dior and the Monnaie de Paris joined forces for the very first time ever in a collaboration to produce an exceptional coin collection celebrating the eternal design codes of the Miss Dior perfume. 

Miss Dior Unique Coin produced by Monnaie de Paris

This prestigious union pays tribute to the expertise of the oldest french institution in coin production along with the floral scent and beautiful bottle of Christian Dior’s first-born fragrance, which is an absolute icon of Dior femininity. 

A prestigious Parisian monetary establishment founded in 864, the Monnaie de Paris has been helping to continue the tradition of artistic professions linked to striking precious metals for twelve centuries. Today, the richness of its unique expertise meets the world of Miss Dior, a veritable icon of the Avenue Montaigne house. In a shared spirit of exceptional expertise, of a sense for detail and the highest standards, the two houses chose to celebrate the roses that shine at the heart of Miss Dior, as well as the eternally modern silhouette of its bottle, which is “cut like a suit.” 

Joaquin Jimenez engraver at Monnaie de Paris

Joaquin Jimenez, general engraver and director of artistic creation at the Monnaie de Paris therefore designed a spectacular, 2kg pure gold coin, a unique and exceptional piece combining melting and striking techniques for the first time. It displays the highly recognizable silhouette of the Miss Dior bottle, while also playing with the favourite Dior design codes of the star, the dagger bow, the houndstooth check and a finely chiselled profusion of roses in rose gold. Nestled in a case shaped like a couture trunk, this exceptional piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and an original lithograph signed by artist Xavier Casalta. 

The 2kg gold coin which takes the shape of the iconic Miss Dior bottle, in a single copy, will be auctioned on March, 2nd 2022 in Paris by the Maison Sotheby’s. 

Miss Dior bottle in a coin made by Monnaie de Paris

Taking up the same design, 18 round coins of 1kg each have been struck in pure gold, highlighting engraving, polishing and sanding work. In a technical innovation, the famous Miss Dior dagger bow was struck and then inserted into the coin to provide a perfect curve and create the illusion of a supple fabric with a regular texture. Also housed in a couture trunk, each coin is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as well as a bottle of Miss Dior bearing the same number as the coin. 

A collection, composed of coins with a face value ranging from 10 to 500 euros and a medal, struck in yellow gold, rose gold and silver, has also been created. 

Decorated with a design on both faces of the coin, they also pay tribute to the emblematic design codes of the eternally modern Miss Dior bottle. Two coins in the shape of the emblematic Miss Dior bow complete the collection. 

Miss Dior coin collection in silver, gold and rose gold made by Monnaie de Paris

A part of the proceeds from the sale will go to Fleurs D’Exception du Pays de Grasse, as association aiming to protect, promote and bring the flowers of Grassee to their full potential.

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