The Floral Denim is Guerlain’s summer makeup collection, vibrant and fashionable inspired by an iconic chic textile: the denim. Here is why it’s essential for a bridal beauty look.

Guerlain Summer Makeup Denim Floral

Violette, Creative Director of Guerlain make-up imagined the merge of fashion and nature so dear to the French house, resulting in a vibrant and luminous colour palette. The cases of the iconic Rouge G and Ombres G are dressed in denim, the legendary fabric for a Parisian woman, embroidered with floral motifs and bees created by Canadian painter Laura Gulshani. The result are cases masterfully produced as a couture piece, looking beautiful at first sight but what is inside?

This collection is the ultimate makeup that every Bride can have not only for her wedding day but further into the honeymoon and daily life. It includes two of Rouge G cases and a new Ombres G harmony, all in limited editions, as well as a new Kiss Kiss Bee Glow, the luxurious lip balm that is a must-have to treat the lips before the lipstick application or for a natural, fresh look.


The Ombres G 518 Summer Jean harmony blends the colours with a satin and metallic finish. The hues: Lilac can be swept over the whole eyelid and diffused with the bronze golden shadow applied along the lash line and in the inner corner to illuminate the eye. The blue hue recalls the strong colour of denim, it can be applied in a fine line under the eyes. The fourth shade is a satin caramel brown, enhancing a rich evening look. Beautify the eye lashes with Noir G mascara.


Rouge G is Guerlain’s iconic jewel case of a lipstick casing a highly pigmented colours and made with ultra-sensorial formulas. Available in range of 6 shades from soft pinks to deep red, this range of Rouge G delivers a velvety matte finish. The Rouge G will make a “tres chic” gift for the bridesmaids!

The Denim Floral Guerlain Summer collection


Kiss Kiss Lip Glow, a bridal Must-Have, is a luscious tinted lip balm. Its caring formula is infused with honey made from 98 % naturally derived ingredients. For this collection, a tender rosewood is the new colour that defines a fresh smile. PRO TIP: It can be used on its own for a natural look or as a base treatment before the application of the lipstick.


Guerlain’s iconic bronzer Terracota shade No. 3 is adorned with the floral motifs by Laura Gulshani. Three shades make up this exclusive powder compact with a bucolic charm: a bronzing shade in the background and two coral and pink blush shades that adorn the flower petals, in a decoration delicately enhanced with golden touches.

Guerlain Terracota bronzer compact summer 2023

To apply Terracotta Flower Blossom, Violette recommends two different application methods:


Using the Terracotta Kabuki brush, sweep the powder, blending all the shades. Apply to the high points of the face, the top of the forehead, cheekbones and bridge of the nose, to redefine the structure while subtly warming up the complexion.


Take up the powder with the brush in one of the flower petals for a rosy or orange-toned blush. For a tailor- made result, blend the two tones as desired.

Guerlain Floral Denim summer make-up collection offers the vibrancy of colours cases in couture pieces that are an exquisite piece of Art! 

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