One incredibly entertaining event for all ages is happening in Vancouver and we have the perfect restaurant to pair the experience on a ‘night-out’ in the world’s most beautiful city.



Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA is in Vancouver until December 31st, a thrilling acrobatic and theatrical show that will keep you at the edge of your seat! Colourful and bold, the show immerses the audience in the story when the Trickster suddenly pops-up into the life of the Innocent, and from that enchanting encounter he gets taken into the Trickster’s sophisticated magical world, which is KOOZA.

The Innocent performer at Kooza Cirque du Soleil show


The 9 acts in total are unique and mesmerizing, showing strength and power according to its characteristics, keeping the audience engaged so intensely that the 100 minutes (excluding the intermission time) of showtime goes by very quickly. KOOZA has a good balance between the classic involvement of clowns in the story and the amazing acrobatic performances of undeniably professional artists, most of which are from many parts of the world and have had years of training in their outstanding careers. The music, performed live, by impressive musicians accompanied with 2 stellar vocalists, merges beautifully throughout the story with each act getting the audience into admiring the show at all times.

The clowns at Kooza Cirque du Soleil show


It is not easy to choose one favourite act as everyone has different opinions. For us, each one was impressive, but the Wheel of Death powered by the strength of two fearless artists is an act flawlessly manage because of their impressive team work mastering the acrobatics of even defying gravity in this thrilling performance! Also, the interaction of some of performers with the audience is something quite joyful that Cirque du Soleil has made sure to include in their different shows. It is fantastic to see that they haven’t change those experiences that make the audience be part of the show.

We are sure there will be another Cirque du Soleil visiting Vancouver in 2024, but for now you only have until December 31st to enjoy KOOZA. Why not to use your time wisely with your best friends, your partner and/or family and make it a night to remember!

The wheel of death act at kooza cirque du soleil


KOOZA will be in Vancouver until December 31st, 2023 at Concorde Pacific Place, make it a point to not miss this show! We had a fantastic time no matter how rainy it was that night. Cirque du Soleil is one of the experiences that an individual should be able to witness and enjoy at least once their life, wouldn’t you agree? Tickets to KOOZA for Vancouver are here.


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Kooza, Cirque du Soleil Show



There are many alternatives on where to dine close to the Concorde Pacific Place. While going to the Cirque is an exceptional event, the choice of this restaurant pairs with the occasion. Stepping into the CHAMBAR restaurant where the refined yet casual ambience is impressive and the welcoming host is attentive to your reservation, the servers and sommelier are excellent in offering the best experience possible, taking care of every detail, providing guest with the correct knowledge to assist in the selection of menu items and wine pairings.

Chambar Restaurant in Vancouver

When Chef Nico Schuermans and his partner Karry Green-Schuermans opened CHAMBAR in 2004 they had the clear idea to serve a menu made with high quality ingredients from the region, according to the season, and portray the outstanding nature and produce of Canada. CHAMBAR is a one of a kind restaurant in this bustling city where fine dining is done in excellency through a casual environment but paying attention to what reoccurring clients are there for, to have an excellent meal. The chic establishment offers the refined flavours of Belgium cuisine mixed with exotic Mediterranean & Persian influences.

Although CHAMBAR is set in a large open space, the warmth of wood floors and interiors juxtaposed to the brick exposed walls and sculptural lightning provide the feel as if one is dining in a more private space.


Interior of the Chambar Restaurant in Vancouver


Our dining experience started with the Le Thon Rouge, an Ahi Tuna Hohlrabi and Tobiko tartare topped with torched alioli, cucumber shiso jalapeño gazpacho and plantain chips and a side of Pomme frites, because we could not can’t miss them! The sommelier suggested a perfect Okanagan wine to pair with our starters.

Ahi Tuna Tartar at Chambar Restaurant in Vancouver


Our second plate kept us delighted with our experience. We ordered Le Canard (seen below), a duck confit served on ricotta and goat cheese gnocchi, celery and hazelnut salad with shaved green apple. The Tajin d’Azziz a l’Agneau is the braised lamb shank, cooked with honey, figs, cinnamon and cilantro, served with almond cous cous, and again the excellency of the sommelier suggested the perfect wine pairing the outstanding dishes.

Duck confit at Chambar Restaurant in Vancouver


The minutes were ticking before the Cirque du Soleil show but there was still time for dessert! We quickly enjoyed  Les Beignets, which are Mascarpone doughnuts with dark chocolate ice-cream on the side, cocoa crumbs and coffee caramel. The second sweet was Creme aux Laits, (seen below) a heavenly Elderflower panna cotta, with a generous portion of white chocolate mousse, cocoa sponge, goat cheese raspberry ice cream and milk crumble.

Panna Cotta dessert at Chambar Restaurant in Vancouver

CHAMBAR is no doubt an excellent restaurant for any occasion. If you are touristing in Vancocuver, a local who is wanting a good meal before a hockey game, the grand play at the theatre or the concert of  a world famous performer, CHAMBAR is perfect for pre or post event. Or just because you want to enjoy fine dining with the comfort of a casually sophisticated setting and attended to by excellent service, this is your place to be.

A gift card to the Chambar Restaurant is also a nice touch for a present, keep it mind.


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