Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the top luxurious gifts (some) specially crafted in limited editions to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.



For the first time in Guerlain‘s history, the house celebrates the Lunar New Year by revealing an all dressed in red, the legendary Bee Bottle adorned with a sumptuous dragon created by Parisian jeweller Francesco Truscelli. Around the Bee Bottle graceful neck, a gold-plated dragon is finely gilded in 24-carat gold and embellished with 142 sparkling Swarovski® crystals and adorned in a trail of faceted crystals. Each dragon has been polished by Trucelli’s talented hands preparing it for a pure 24-carat gold to be enveloped in a 0.3-μ layer, endowing it with radiance and splendour, lastly each piece gets the crystals carefully assembled.


This flamboyant red Bee Bottle contains the fragrant gem from the L’Art & La Matière collection for 2024: the Néroli Outrenoir. Distilled in Nabeul in Tunisia, the neroli comes from orange blossom meticulously picked by hand. This luminous floral note is set off by bergamot, a citrus fruit native to Southern Italy with green, floral and fruity facets and renowned for its sparkling freshness. Derived from the leaves and twigs of the same orange tree, petitgrain adds a fragrant complexity, blending herbaceous nuances into the composition. This sumptuous combination of citrus fruit and white flowers is deliberately set against the darker, more mysterious smoky tea notes. This smoky accord gives the fragrance depth and a dark undertone that is complex and captivating in equal measure.

Guerlain's Bee Bottle for Lunar New Year 2024


Longines special edition of its Flagship Heritage moonphase model is the perfect time piece that blends tradition and innovation. The  brand commissioned  Chinese artist Zinan Lam to design the watch that features an auspicious dragon with its head raised and soaring upwards, intricately engraved on the case back.

The dragon design takes centre stage as an intricate unity, where each element – from the head to the body and scales – carries its own unique significance. The ‘wood’ element attribute of the year 2024, according to the traditional lunar calendar, is harmoniously aligned with the East Asian constellation Azure Dragon, symbolizing the origin of all things and the profound connection between time and nature.

The peach blossom graphic, representing happiness and contentment, has been reimagined as a dragon raising its head, implying well-being and the eternal cycle of life in the Year of the Dragon. Additionally, Longines’ iconic winged hourglass has been artfully transformed into an auspicious dragon ball, providing a finishing touch that alludes to the perpetual cycles of the sun and the moon.

This is the first Asian Zodiac timepiece ever to be launched by Longines, in a limited edition of 888 pieces.

Longines watch to celebrates Year of the Dragon


As part of the ‘ Friends of Fendi’ series, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Fendi introduces the capsule collection with Hiroshi Fujiwara: FENDI X FRGMT X POKÉMON. Fujiwara initiates a twist with his own presence and a further one through the collaboration with The Pokémon Company and the globally iconic Pokémon brand that now expands with a collection which spotlights Dragon-type Pokémon as a homage to the Year of the Dragon.



For the beauty lovers, Estée Lauder offers the best selling beloved Advanced Night Repair Serum and Eye Gel- Cream along with the most glamorous Pure Color Envy Lipstick  shade ‘Red Deco’. Each product is dressed in the auspicious red colour with the powerful dragon motif accented in gold.


An exceptional piece from Dior’s Les Jardins de la Couture High Jewellery collection, a ring set in Pink gold featuring diamonds, rubies, red and pink spinels, pink sapphires and spessartite garnets.

Dior High Jewellery ring Les Jardins de la Couture


A fashion forward gift in red is of course the centre of interest, COS unveils it’s 2024 Lunar New Year collection, celebrating the Year of the Dragon. Illuminating the prosperous nature of the new spring, the collection embraces prints and florals in an array of distinct designs, each offering a uniquely refined elegance. Utilizing digital hand-draw techniques, the collection artistically combines prints and tactile surface textures. Capturing the movement of the dragon, intricate patterns adorn knitted vests, high neck base layers and shirts.

COS Lunar New Year collection


Tiffany & Co. has curated a list of the house’s most iconic jewellery pieces and introduces the Tiffany Woven Key collection to celebrate the Lunar New Year season.

Tiffany and Co. Lunar New Year gifts

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